AlphaONE LH 9.3 3

AlphaONE LH 9.3 3

Pond filtration technology never stands still and neither do we. With the industry moving forward with 3" pumps it was time for us to offer not only a filter that could handle the flows of the 3" pumps but an entire system as well. The AlphaONE/Aquabead filter uses the same technology as our regular LH (Lower Head) filters except in 3". Water bypasses the multiport valve(except in backwash mode) resulting in very low loss of flow.

Use this filter when you want to move a lot of water and use very little energy to do it.

9 cu. ft. of MegaFiltration. 3" Inlet/outlets with union connections. Available in either the AlphaONE or AquaBead version. 36" diameter tank and please allow about 36" in the front of the filter for the manifold pipework. 46" tall.
No other filter like it. In a Class By Itself.
Price quoted includes a complete filter- tank, media, media agitator and LH multiport manifold assembly.

This tank is custom built with extra thick walls to help support the manifold assembly and weighs several pounds more than the regular 9.0 filter.......4614.95

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AlphaONE LH 9.3 3-in. MegaFilter
$ 4614.95
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